George R. R. Martin Books in Order of Publication

Jan 06

George R. R. Martin Books in Order of Publication

Attempting to find George R. R. Martin books in order of their publication, you have to start from the beginning. Martin originally hails from Bayonne, New Jersey. He began his writing career in his early years when he starting writing and selling monster stories to the neighborhood children for literally pennies. Martin would make extra pennies by providing a dramatic reading of his newest monster story. At 21 years of age, he made his first sale. Galaxy purchased “The Hero” from him in 1970 and published it in their February 1971 publication.

After graduating in 1970 with a Bachelor of Science degree from Northwestern University in Illinois, George R.R. Martin (GRRM) would attend graduate school at the same university and receive his Master of Science degree in Journalism. He would go six years before he published his first novel.

1.) Dying of the Light (1977)

Dying of the Light by George R.R. Martin

Dying of the Light George R.R. Martin

In 1977, Simon and Schuster would publish Martin’s first novel Dying of the Light. The book is set on a planet called Worlorn, which happened to be dying at the time. The planet would go rogue and slowly begin to take an erratic course away from its neighboring stars. Worlorn was headed for the destruction of a part of space that would not allow any inhabitants to live.

The character was not fairing much better than the planet. Faced with death themselves, including one of the main characters Dirk Larien. He finds himself involved with an empty life after his girlfriend breaks up with him. The tail involves battles between the beliefs of the old Kavalar culture and the new. Battles are carried out by these characters and Martin leaves the ending a little ambiguous.

2.) Windhaven (1981)

Windhaven by George R.R. Martin

Windhaven (1981) George R.R. Martin

It took another four years before Martin would publish his next novel. Martin would collaborate with Lisa Tuttle to publish the Windhaven in 1981. Timescape would publish his second novel. The setting is on the water world of Windhaven. Silver-wings flyers would be the messengers of news, stories, songs and gossip from the other islands. One of the main characters, Maris of Amberly, challenges the traditions of the Silver-wing flyers to become what she had always dreamed of becoming, a flier herself. Since she was a fisherman’s daughter, she was not allowed to become one of the chosen. Tradition only allowed Silver-wing flyers to be inherited, but Maris wanted them to change that tradition so people would be chosen because of merit. She makes this challenge to the traditions only to find that the battle has only begun.

3.) Fevre Dream (1982)

Fevre Dream by George R.R. Martin

Fevre Dream George R.R. Martin

The second novel launched Martin immediately into another published book. Fevre Dream would be published by Poseidon Press in 1982. This novel would be set on the Mississippi River in the year 1857. Vampires would be involved around a river boat named Fevre Dream. The main character, Abner Marsh, was a steam boat captain in dire financial distress. Marsh would turn to Joshua York, a wealthy gentleman that financed the building of the Fevre Dream. After the launch of this magnificent paddle boat, Marsh would begin to suspect York of being a vampire. The book ends decades later, but with vampires released from their blood addiction.

4.) Armageddon Rag (1982)

The Armageddon Rag by George R.R. Martin

The Armageddon Rag (1982) by George R.R. Martin

Martin would publish his fourth novel in 1982 called Armageddon Rag. This novel would set the main character, Sandy Blair, against a demonic plot that would find him visiting old friends. Blair, a former hippie novelist, would get involved with a murder investigation of Jamie Lynch. Lynch was a promoter of rock bands and was found with his heart torn from his body. One aspect of this novel that is not known by most readers is the chapter headings are real lyrics from famous rock songs.

5.) Dead Man’s Hand (1990)

Dead Man´s Hand by George R.R. Martin

Dead Man´s Hand George R.R. Martin

The next George R. R. Martin books in order of their publication starts when he began editing a multiple author series of books called the Wild Card cycle. He would eventually become one of those multiple authors of that series when he teamed with John J. Miller to publish his third novel the Dead Man’s Hand in 1990 by Bantam Books, which was the seventh book in this series. The series of books took place in shared universe. A few World War II humans would gain super powers after aliens release a virus upon the planet. This multiple author series would publish 21 different books.

6.)A Game of Thrones, 7.)A Clash of Kings, 8.)A Storm of Swords, 9.)A Feast for Crows (1996-2005)

A Game of Thrones by George R.R. MartinA Clash of Kings by George R.R. MartinA Storm of Swords by George R.R. MartinA Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin

After the success of the series of books he edited, Martin decided to start publishing a series of books of his own. The first book of the A Song of Ice and Fire series would be launched in 1996 with the publication of A Game of Thrones by Bantam Books. This first book would follow three different story lines at the same time. The series was the beginning of a fantasy novel series that would be followed by four more books published through Bantam Books. A Clash of Kings would be published in 1999 as the second book of the series. The next novel in the series would be A Storm of Swords published in 2000. It would be five more years until the fourth book of the series would be published. A Feast for Crows would be published in 2005.

10.) Shadow Twin (2005)

Shadow Twin by George R.R. Martin

Shadow Twin George R.R. Martin

The same year A Feast for Crows was published, Martin would collaborate with Daniel Abraham and Gardner Dozois to publish Shadow Twin through Subterranean Press. This would be Martin’s tenth novel. The strange thing about this novel was it originally began in 1970 when Dozois first penned most of the book. Dozois sent it the Martin in the 1980s for him to add some of his magic to. Martin finished the novel, but called in new author, Abraham, to put the finishing touches on last part of the book. The novel would finally be published in 2005.

11.) The Ice Dragon (2006)

The Ice Dragon by George R.R. Martin

The Ice Dragon George R.R. Martin

Martin would find himself writing his first and only children’s book in 2006 through Starscape publishing. The Ice Dragon was based on a fictional character called the ice dragon. It was a creature of legend that could not be tamed by any man. When the ice dragon flew overhead, it would leave only frozen land behind. The main character, Adara, was a winter child, born during one of the worst winter storms known to the Old Ones. She would befriend the ice dragon and be faced with the destruction of the entire world that only the ice dragon and herself could stop.

12.) Hunter’s Run (2008)

Hunter s Run by George R.R. Martin

Hunter´s Run George R.R. Martin

Martin stayed away from the Song of Fire and Ice series to publish his eleventh novel. He would again team with Dozois and Abraham to publish Hunter’s Run in 2008. The novel is a continuation of the Shadow Twin novel. Sao Paulo was a colony planet that found Ramon Espejo in a lot of trouble after killing a diplomat in a bar fight. While Espejo was hiding out in the nearby woods, he would discover an alien outpost. He would eventually get captured by the aliens and the adventure would begin.

13.) A Dance with Dragons (2011)

A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin

A Dance with Dragons (2011) George R.R. Martin

Eventually, Martin would find himself back to the Song of Fire and Ice series in 2011. The fifth book of the series, A Dance with Dragons, would come out to a hail of positive reviews. The novel is set in the fictitious world explained in the first novel. A place where magic still exists and it can take years for one season to change to another. The empire is still in peril, but the novel does resolve some of the story lines found in the earlier books of this series.



This series of novels has yet to end. Martin plans of two more books in the series being published in the future. The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring are now in the works. If you are a fan of the series, keep watching for the next publication. However, it may be awhile. These are George R. R. Martin books in order of their publication, but there will be more to add later.

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