House Tully: Family, Duty, Honor

Feb 18

House Tully: Family, Duty, Honor

House Tully rule over the Trident and are the Lords over the Riverlands. This Westeros house rules from their main castle Riverrun, but are considered the least powerful house of all the great Westeros houses. House Tully’s bloodline dates back to the Age of Heroes, but are the only great house in Westeros who cannot claim royal blood in their heritage.


In the beginning the Riverlands were ruled by the River Kings. These kings were defeated by the Ironmen who took over most of Seven Kingdoms. However, Harren the Black, the last River King, was burnt alive in his castle by the Targaryen. Once the Targaryen Kings took over the Riverlands, they chose a family to rule over the lands in their place and under them. Tully was that vassal chosen to rule over the Riverlands for the Targaryen.

After Aegon the Conqueror arrived in Westeros, House Tully broke ranks with King Harren. Harren was known to be a tyrant and evil ruler. Since everyone hated King Harren, may Westeros lords followed Edmyn Tully to side with Aegon. Harren would be defeated by the dragons of Targaryen. Because Edmyn was one of the first lords to break away from Harren and side with Aegon, he was granted rule over the Riverlands and swear allegiance to Aegon, or House Targaryen.

Many of the great Westeros houses believe that House Tully are not thought of highly, since they come from no royal bloodline and only got their titles handed to them. However, House Tully is respected by their bannermen, which makes all these rumors insignificant and hardly even hurt House Tully’s reputation.

Recent Events

House Tully is thought to be good diplomats, seeing both sides of the argument and making sensible decisions. Tully’s are well liked by all the other houses and are considered to have a good disposition compared to the other great Westeros houses. The house is not greedy, excessive or callous, which makes them a good family to marry into. Daughters of House Tully are favored by others and a man who marries a Tully bride is fortunate.

House Tully was reluctant to take sides during Robert’s Rebellion, but joined forces against Aerys because the daughters of the house were engaged to be married to members of House Stark. The War of Five Kings saw Lord Edmure Tully conquered and taken captive at the time of the Red Wedding. For siding with the Starks, House Tully was striped of all its holdings and the Riverlands were given to House Frey.

Main Characters

Lord Holster Tully is Lord Paramount of the Riverlands, but even though he was a great warrior during his younger years, he has grown old and sickly. Holster took a wound during Robert’s Rebellion and has not quite recovered from the injury. He would eventually die of old age toward the end of the series of books.

Lord Edmure Tully is the heir to House Tully. Edmure took control of the house forces during Robert’s Rebellion, because of his father’s illness and injuries. He would eventually become a prisoner of the Freys during his wedding to one of Frey’s daughters. He was offered a deal by Sir Jamie, if Edmure could get Riverrun to surrender, Sir Jamie would let all the residents go peacefully without weapons and keep Edmure as a prisoner, but comfortably at Casterly Rock. Edmure gave into Sir Jamie’s demands, but after he enter Riverrun, he would delay the surrender long enough to allow his uncle to escape the castle. After Edmure handed over the castle, he was sent to be a servant to House Lannister.

Catelyn is capable, strong and would do anything for her husband, Ned Stark except accepting his bastard son Jon Snow.

Lysa is a complete opposite of Cataly. Disappointed in her marriage with Jon Arryn.


House Tully SigilThe sigil of House Tully is a red and blue field with a jumping trout centered on the shield. The family motto is “Family, Duty, Honor,” which they hold very sacred.
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