The Sigils in the Game Of Thrones

Nov 16

Game Of Thrones SigilsIn the epic fantasy Game Of Thrones, one of the most interesting aspects about the characters are the different sigils of their respective houses. By definition, A Sigil is a sign usually attributed with mystical powers. It is a rallying point where people and organizations usually draw their strength, and if chosen wisely, should suitably describe the true character of the person. The Sigils in the Game Of Thrones, are used to describe not just the individual characters, but their respective families as well.

Usually, they are animal signs whose spirits the characters claim to embody, such as the Direwolf of the Starks, or the Crowned Stag of the Baratheons. However, there are also those which reflect their kingdom’s terrain such as the Twin Tower sigil of House Frey.

Whatever their emblem, the sigils are repeatedly referred to, to describe the proud personas of the characters. Here we take a look at the sigils of the major houses in Westeros and how they mirror the individuals that are under them.

The Direwolf of House Stark

The Direwolf Sigil of House StarkFirst we have The Direwolf of House Stark. It is usually depicted as a black wolf on a clean white field. It is reflective of the fact that the Starks are northmen. Winter is their domain and they are proud of this heritage. Before Targaryen rule, they were the Kings of the North and their nobility remains generation after. Under the Baratheon rule, Ned Stark is Lord of Winterfell and Marshall of the North. However, it is often repeated in the story that Ned feels less of a wolf than his late brother Brandon. He is depicted as being more reserved and lacks the “wolfsblood” as he calls it. Nonetheless, he is the epitome of honor and nobility. And despite the lack of the wild nature of the wolf, he has the hardness of the true man of the North. Also in the story, Ned Stark’s six children, which includes his bastard son Jon Snow, each have their own direwolf which in some inexplicable way, become one with their human owners. Another reference that the Stark’s sigil is indeed an accurate symbol of who they are.

The Crowned Stag of House Baratheon

The Crowned Stag Sigil of House BaratheonNext we have The Crowned Stag of House Baratheon. It is depicted as a Black Crowned Stag over a golden field. The motto of House Baratheon is “Ours is the Fury”, which is certainly appropriate in the persona of King Robert Baratheon, a man whose appetite for adventure, conquest, and battle is unmatched. While the sigil and motto of their house seems a perfect fit for the King, the same cannot be said for his two brothers Stannis and Renly Baratheon who have their own personalities not quite as gregarious as their eldest brother. Nonetheless, Robert is ruler of the realm and he most certainly lives up to both the royal and rebellious symbol his house.

The Lion of House Lannister

Third we have The Lion of House Lannister. As true testament to their reputation of wealth and pride, their sigil is a Golden Lion set against a Crimson field. Lannisters, of all the houses in Westeros, are the most cunning and arrogant of them all. Their great wealth, due to the many gold mines in Casterly Rock, sets them apart from most of the houses- including that of the Royal Family. This in turn accounts for their proud demeanor. Their patriarch Tywin Lannister is described as a master strategist whose sole goal is to preserve their families honor and power. They are true Lions in the field who deem themselves the true masters of the Seven Kingdoms. Although they do not dare oppose Robert’s rule, they get what they desire through more subtle and clandestine methods.

The Falcon of House Arryn

The Falcon Sigil of House ArynnThe fourth notable sigil is The Moon and The Falcon of House Arryn. Their stronghold is in the Eyrie, a mountain fortress that provides them protection from would be attackers. Their words, “As High as Honor” truly reflects the pride they have of their House and history. Their now deceased leader John Arryn was described as a wise and honourable man. In fact, it is for this reason that the rebellion of Robert Baratheon, who was his ward along with Ned Stark was in some way justified. The Mad King Aerys commanded Arryn to hand him the dead bodies of his wards to which he refused. Knowing that this disobedience would be taken as a sign of war, Robert began his rebellion which would result in the eventual shift of power. Currently, House Arryn is in disarray as the leadership is left to his sickly son who is still a boy. Nonetheless, the legacy of John Arryn commands loyalty as his knights remain true to his true and legitimate heir.

The Three-Headed Dragon of House Targaryen

The Three-headed Sigil of House TargaryenFinally, we have The Three-Headed Dragon of House Targaryen. Their sigil is colored red set on black. The three heads of the dragon are supposed to signify Aegon the Conqueror and her two sisters, who were the first rulers of the Seven Kingdoms. They are considered the blood of the Dragon and it is their control over these mythical beasts that caused the rest of the kingdoms to accede to their rule. During the time of A Game of Thrones, House Targaryen is already in ruin and Robert Baratheon is the new ruler. However, the Targaryens still exist in Daenerys Targaryen, who is the daughter of the last Targaryen King Aerys. Through her, the blood of the Dragon still lives and still attempts to take back her families throne. Like their Dragon sigil, the Targaryens seem to be extinct. A resurgence however, is always a looming threat to the rule of House Baratheon.

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